Angelique Raina believes that - Materialism isn't the opposite of spiritualism. Materialism is what you spiritualize when you have plenty of stuff - James Twitchell

Just a thought

I wish my frequency to become jaded by things, people and idea’s had a higher frequency. But then I don’t because, imagine the travesty of being satisfied by the now and new average created.

I guess boredom is a price to pay till I invent something new, or it comes along.


Some more images from the Sabyasachi Mukherjee couture showcase.

Deja vu hit me as I walked into the Sabyasachi show at the Taj Palace for reasons I thought were unknown. I made my way to my seat, and it irked me continuously through the show. Why did this environment seem so familiar?

Only until after the show did I realize that Sabyasachi for his most recent couture collection, decided to present it on what resembled his terrace at home in Calcutta.

It was an unusual decision, but like most other things in his design philosophy, it was an extremely personal one. You ask him about a pleat, the cut of a back, the placement of a rose, the arrangement of button or why he chose this silhouette and there is always a reason, if you’re lucky an animated story that will make you nostalgic about a time or a moment you haven’t even experienced yourself.

This is his version of reality.

The pressure that Sabyasachi had for this couture week has been unprecedented in his career. After select criticism from the industry for dressing Vidya Balan “too costumey/conservatively” for the Cannes Film Festival where she was a judge. He had to change the point of reference about him in society conversation, bring it back to his creativity and his dreamy couture.

When in the history of international celebdom has one phenomenally famous leading lady entrusted her entire wardrobe of over 10 days to one designer? Day looks, night looks even what she wore to the airport had been pre-planned with Sabyasachi. Vidya’s naturally inclined aesthetic to his traditional sarees and Sabya’s styling was misinterpreted by many journalists and editors.

Apart from maybe one questionable outfit, nothing was really as bad as it had been presented to seem. In retrospect, one can see it was just timed during a socio-political, and thus cultural narrative that seemed to need to rebuke conservatism.

New India, modern India could not be represented on such an international platform in this traditional, Gayatri-Devi-esque light anymore. It was simultaneously too aristocratic, nationalistic and it didn’t represent where we are now, our liberality and development. Gone are the time of maharajahs and hierarchy. Supposedly.

Vidya Balan as an Indian had to represent the dreams and aspirations of a country with a population of over 1 billion people simultaneously and ONLY sartorially. What she did, said or what she was there for, was not enough, and neither was her figure. For a country that usually embraces voluptuousness with such jubilation, this vitriol was unrivaled.

So did he change his narrative?

He didn’t just do that. He changed the narrative of the entire industry too. He stayed true to his aesthetic and his signature styling. He didn’t remove anything from his repertoire he just added to it.

His go to styles, his button ups, closed necks, his cinched empire waists and peplum dresses everything one loved about his last show was there. But it was just so much more decadent?

The palette, the embroidery, the motifs, there was boho echoing his 2006-7 collections, there was shimmer like never before, and finally the much commented about new “bling”,gave his outfits the glam courtesy an interesting ombre treatment reminiscent of the great couturiers Elie Saab and Karl Largerfeld.

Shivers ran down my spine as the final look closed the show.

It was really a day dream.

A room filled with die hard Sabyasachi fans felt vindicated. This is why we support him. This is why he is the most successful designer in India.

His design intuition is unparalleled.This is the new standard of couture in India.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. I’ve certainly done enough.

At 20, he attempted suicide-by-jaguar.

—Margalit Fox’s obituary of the adventurer John Fairfax

I think my life is of great importance, but I also think it is meaningless.

—Albert Camus

Ugly is attractive, ugly is exciting; maybe because it is newer. The investigation of ugliness is to me, more interesting, than the bourgeois idea of beauty. And why? Because ugly is human. It touches the bad and the dirty side of people.

—Miuccia Prada (via variationsonrelations)

#FashionKilla #ASAProcky

The rap game just got their fashion I.Q raised - thank you A$AP Rocky Verses in no particular order besides my preference -

"I see your Jil Sanders, Oliver Peoples Costume National, your Ann Demeuelemeester See Visvim be the sneaker, Lanvin or Balmain Goyard by the trunk, her Isabel Marant I love your Linda Farrow, I adore your Dior Your Damir Doma, Vena Cava from the store I crush down with that top down, boys see how I ride ‘round Mami in that Tom Ford, Papi in that Thom Browne Rick Owens, Raf Simons, boy she got it by the stock She ball until she fall, that means she shop until she drop And Versace: got a lot, but she may never wear it But she save it so our babies will be flyer than their parents

"Rockin’, rollin’, swaggin’ to the max My bitch a fashion killa, she be busy poppin’ tags She got a lotta Prada, that Dolce & Gabanna I can’t forget Escada, and that Balenciaga I’m sippin’ purple syrup, come be my Aunt Jemima And if you is a rider, we’ll go shoppin’ like mañana Her attitude Rihanna, she get it from her mama She jiggy like Madonna, but she trippy like Nirvana Cause everything designer, Her jeans is Helmut Lang, shoes is Alexander Wang And her shirt the newest Donna, Karan Wearin’ all the Cartier frames Jean Paul Gaultiers cause they match with her persona”

"Her pistol go (bang bang, boom boom, pow pow), Her pistol go (bang bang, boom boom, pow pow), I said her pistol go (bang bang, boom boom, pow pow), Cause she a fashion killa, and I’m a trendy nigga I said her pistol go (bang bang, boom boom, pow pow), Her pistol go (bang bang, boom boom, pow pow), I said her pistol go (bang bang, boom boom, pow pow), Cause she a fashion killa, and I’m a jiggy nigga I said

Scoop back tees, breeze in the coupe Smiling is your treasure, you’re so well put together I see bags and rings, jeans and shoes Spikes and patent leathers if the fabric makes you different You be me, me be you Go away together, we could get away forever All emotions clashing, thrashing, someone turned the light out I’m at my baby, stretched my passion, on my fashion night out”

The full song is here - https://soundcloud.com/asvpxrocky/fashion-killa

Teachings from the urban buddha a.k.a my mother

"There are ways to say thank you, I love you and i’m thinking of you: a personal note, a thoughtful gift or even a special homemade dish. As you can see in our age, the urgency by which we reply to texts and emails this personal touch is lost. Good things take time…"

Lucien Hervé is one of the few photographers to combine humanistic philosophy and architectural thought. “With Le Corbusier I learned to discern and identify beauty in its nascent form, along with a need for total purity, this notion forced me to work with rigor and precision.”

Le Corbusier & Lucien Hervé: A Dialogue between Architect and Photographer by Jacques Sbriglio is the first book to reproduce pages of Hervé’s handmade album. Housed at the Fondation Le Corbusier in Paris since 1965, the album is a vast visual archive of 1,200 cardboard sheets, each carefully sequenced and numbered.

This selection of images are from his work in India where for example, in Chandigarh, he photographed the High Court of Justice (1952), the Secretariat Building (1952) and the Palace of the Assembly (1955), which Le Corbusier considered his greatest work. During this time he photographed the Ahmedabad Millowner’s Association Building (1951) and the Villa Shodhan (1951) too.

Photographing one of the most spectacular ‘new cities’ of the twentieth century, Hervé also observed the ongoing construction sites for which he developed a more humanistic approach.

High and side angle views, a deliberate affinity for abstraction and the use of stark blacks and whites, are characteristics of Lucien Hervé’s very personal style. Noted for his sharp sense of framing and formal elegance, Hervé patiently went on to build one of the major photographic oeuvres of the 20th century.

The rest of his legendary work is here - http://www.lucienherve.com/lh_corb.html

Burberry Kisses

Send a letter sealed with a video kiss courtesy Burberry around the world. Such a great initiative, so ideal. Only question is, who do I send my kiss to?

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"Go!" is produced by Kanye West, who also performs backing vocals for the track alongside John Mayer. The track’s percussion is handled by Num Amuntehu, while its scratches are provided by A-Trak. Its beat contains a sample from "Old Smokey" by Linda Lewis. Its lyrics deal with sexual fantasies. (Thank you Wikipedia.com)

Apart from that the video is great mix of typography and story telling. A lyrical feast. “Thought it was forever, but forever move faster…So on the count of three, everybody run back to their fantasy…”

Just discovered the magic that is glitch art. There is something obviously distorted about the realities or lack there of, that they represent that’s actually, believable.

Its a good moment to sit down and enjoy how something surreal, feels so real.

Don’t know who to attribute this image to, so any leads would be helpful.

Just discovered the magic that is glitch art. There is something obviously distorted about the realities or lack there of, that they represent that’s actually, believable.

Its a good moment to sit down and enjoy how something surreal, feels so real.

Don’t know who to attribute this image to, so any leads would be helpful.